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About Biddu


Biddu is an Indian born, England Based Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter and Singer. Biddu was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India in 1944. His full name is Biddu Appaiah, who produced and composed many hit record worldwide during a career spanning five decades. He is also consiered as one the best pioneers of disco, Euro Disco, and Indian Pop. He sold millions of records worldwide and he also received Grammy Award for his work.

Early Life

Biddu family is basically belonged to Karantaka, India but he was born and brought up in Bangalore and he attend the school Cotton Boys School. In 1960 he developed a liking for the then new pop and rock music and he learnt play the guitar in very young age. Biddu's first major success was in 1969, when he produced the song "Smile for Me", performed by The Tigers, who were Japan's most famous band at the time, and written by the Bee Gees.


In the late 1970s, Western disco was getting popular in Asia and particularly in India, where there were not yet any home-bred disco stars. It was this reason that led established Indian filmmaker and actor Feroz Khan to England and to Biddu, in 1979. Khan wanted to introduce a catchy song in his upcoming Hindi film, Qurbani, in which the main score of the film was to be legendary Indian music duo, Kalyanji Anandji. Biddu initially wasn't interested in composing a Hindi film song, but later took it up as he would say years later, "I thought it would keep my mum happy (back home in India)". About the same time Khan happened to come across 15-year-old Nazia Hassan at a party in London. Khan later requested Hassan have an audition with Biddu. Biddu later signed her up for the song he was composing for Qurbani.

Having spent nearly a decade with the Nazia-Zohaib pair, Biddu next turned his attention to Hindi vocalist Shweta Shetty, both writing and producing the Johnny Joker album in 1993. Then in 1995, came another sensational pop album, composed and produced by Biddu. Made in India - a dance album for Hindi pop/film playback singer Alisha Chinai. The album became the best selling Hindi dance album ever and featured a slick handful of Western styled videos - a sure selling point for India's newly launched MTV set. It topped the Indian charts, where it remained for over a year, and sold over 5 million copies in India.

In 2004, Biddu re-emerged with a new genre to soothe the soul of western audiences. the album Diamond Sutra, inspired by the tragic events of 9/11, has Sanskrit chants and a painting of Buddha on the front cover of the album, shaping Biddu's concern of the world in danger of self-destruction. He is also critical of American arrogance and what he describes as an "I, me, my society," but insists he is not trying to lecture or moralise through his music. Biddu now lives in Spain with his English wife of 39 years, Sue, and two grown-up children. He started a publishing house called SueBiddu Music, which administers music for artists, wrote an autobiography called Made in India at the insistence of his wife, and has returned to doing live performances as a singer. In 2010, Biddu won an "Outstanding Achievement" award at the UK Asian Music Awards (UK AMAs), and he was also awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the JD Rock Awards in India that same year.



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