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Search Results

Understand the search result. How does it work?

I did a search but do not see a link for my city. What do I do?

Use the 'City/State' field to enter your event location.

My search yielded no results. Why?

This means we do not have anyone available in the category and location that you selected. We recommend that you try another search for a similar category.

What determines the order of the search results?

When you search using the location of your event and the type of artiste/performer you are looking for, we return a list of "best artiste solution" results for your search. The "best artiste solution" order is calculated based on location, category and our Artiste' ranking (as determined by their booking history with us). We do this in order to serve you the best possible results first. You can however also sort solely by rating (where distance is not a factor) or distance from the event (where rating is not a factor).

Why do my search results include some entertainers or Artiste from far away?

We realize that ideally you'll want to hire an artiste or performer who is close to your event. However, some of our members are willing to travel, and if they suit your needs, you may want to consider paying their travel costs.

Search Results Features

I'm on the search results page. How do I view a vendor's profile?

Click on the name of the vendor to open their Profile. Click the "Book Now" button to request a free artiste price quote.

How do I know how much a vendor charges?

Price quotes come directly from our artiste and performers themselves and are unique to every event. You will receive the price quote within 48hrs.

Where can I read previous client feedback about each vendor appearing in the search results?

On the search results page, if an artiste or performer has received client feedback, you will see a 'Reviews' hyperlink next to the artiste's name and rating. Click the hyperlink to read the client feedback. You can also read all of a client reviews directly on the Artiste’s Profile page.