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Dj GS Chaggar is Leicester (United Kingdom) based Punjabi Dj player. Currently he located in London. GS genres are Bhangra and Punjabi, he is basically generate his beats, dubsteps and song in Punjabi.


GS Chaggar is known as a producer of punjabi music, that why is said that GS Chaggar has Bhangra running in his veins. He is 26 year old, and he is working from the age of 12 as Dj player and songs composer, Chaggar compose and write his songs himself. At the age of 12 he has jioned the bhangra called Notorious Dhol Gangster, where he got the opportunity to learnt the skills of Dhol and also Bhangra Dancing which is the Chaggar first step to the music Industry.

In 2002 GS Chaggar got a second turn in music, Djing and prodution. After having some knowledge of dhol, music and beats. He came in a contact of Puppy Duggal to improve is skills in Dhol and beats of Punjabi songs. After that he become known for his Folk Punjabi Songs and produce a different different kind of geners in punjabi songs and produce a wide range of songs.

GSChaggar dropped his debut album which vocal talents of Master Saleem, Labh Janjua, Bakshi Billa, Ashok Gill, Sarvjeet Kaur, Manjeet Pappu, Romesh Cohan and MC Creed on VIP Records in 2009. He is also worked in under the label of Limitless Records.

Blacklisted went all round the world and set a base for GSChaggar to build upon. GSChaggar will released the new album entitled "Sublime" in 2013.

GS Chaggar Hit Songs

  • Sublime Boliyan (Acapella) [feat. Lehmber Hussainpuri, Manna Dhillon & Satwinder Lovely]
  • Sublime Boliyan (Instrumental)
  • Sublime Boliyan [feat. Lehmber Hussainpuri, Manna Dhillon & Satwinder Lovely]
  • Balle Balle
  • Chari Jawani
  • Nach Da DJ
  • Coming to Get Ya
  • Mitti Mitti
  • Hor Gaye Deewaneye
  • Dhol Te Dugga
  • Veer Da Viah
  • Talli
  • Chari Jawani - GS Chaggar  
  • Balle Balle - GS Chaggar  
  • Talli - GS Chaggar  
  • Veer Da Viah - GS Chaggar  
  • Dhol Te Dugga - GS Chaggar  
  • Hor Gaye Deewaneye - GS Chaggar  
  • Nach Da DJ - GS Chaggar  
  • Mitti Mitti - GS Chaggar  
  • Coming to Get Ya - GS Chaggar  
  • GSChaggar - Maa - Independant - 2010



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