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About DJ Ravish

There are some people who just listen to music, but there are some creatures that live, eat and die on music. This young artist certainly belongs to the later category.

As one of Jaipur's most respected industry figures, Ravish has been spinning tunes for seven years now. DJ Ravish (Ravi Sharma) was born in Nowgong (A small district in Assam) on 3rd August and he always had a real passion for music. As a teenager he started collecting every kind of music. After finishing secondary school his DJ adventure began when he started spinning at his friend's party. DJing has always been a passion for him and he was exposed to musicality from a very young age.
He started off his journey from a very low level. Worked for local sound providers and understood the working of consoles. At the age of 13 he started playing for private gigs, inspired a passion for electronic music and an ambition to make a career in this fascinating, elusive little world. But that wasn't enough for him. He always wanted to make it big. Ravish entered into professional DJing at the age of 15 and since then he has rocked some of the high-quality parties in Jaipur and his tunes are considered to be the most energetic and danceable around.
But it is for his Remixing and Production work that Ravish is now starting to make it on the Electronic music stage. He always had a curiosity for softwares, to make his own tunes. He started learning them by trail and error method, and soon learned to put together small, very simple pieces and produce his own bollywood remixes. Appreciation from some of the well-known figures of this industry made this artist never look back. After enough of club banging mash-up and some remixes from his side, he took a deep study of professional music production softwares to enhance his skills and scope of remixing. After that his remixes have taken him to new heights, with all new funky, punchier basslines and kickinn' kicks to bang the speakers. His newest bootleg releases are getting appreciation from all over.

DJ Ravish does not only know how to play his tunes, he sure knows how to organize a thumping party as well. He is known for his set of House Music, especially when it comes to sub-genre Electro House. He owns a very special set of electro house, comprising some of the very best of the International music scene, enough to make party people raise their eye-brows and go crazy. He always maintains a healthy combination of both Bollywood and House music ensuring the feets on the dance floor doesn't sleeps. His friendly, funny nature and sense for quality music are the jewels for any event.
Currently one of the very few artists of Jaipur who is into music production, He is working hard to provide quality music to the city and the nation. When the word remixing was unknown for most of the DJs out there in the city, Ravish was already making his own mixes for inclusion in the show. Inspired by few of the big shot DJs of India viz. DJ Nyk, DJ Aqeel, DJ A-Myth, he is making his own way mixing the best of tracks into an even better mix.

It is said that sky is the limit, but in the words of this young talent 'I have to make my way beyond the sky, into the stars'. So, if you are a music freak it is advised to keep an eye on this self-made boy because he will keep you going and making you coming back for more.




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