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Ghulam Ali is an Pakistani Ghazal Singer from Patiala Gharana, he is also known as Ustad Ghulam Ali, he was born in ( December 5, 1940 ) Kaleki, Sialkot District, Pakistan. He is considered as one of the Ghazal Singer of the Era. His style and variations in singing Ghazals has Been noted as unique as he blend Hindustani Classical Music with his Ghazals. He is Highly popular in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, as well as amongst South Asian Diaspora in the USA, the UK and the Middle Eastern Countries.

Early Life

Ghulam Ali was born in Village of Kaleki in Tehsil Daska Sialkot District of Punjab in 1940 in Brtish India, Now in Pakistan, Uatad Ghulam Ali belong to a Musical Family, his father was a sarangi player and vocalist who tought him music in his childhood. At the age of 15 he become the student of The Bade Ghulam Ali Khan a master of the Patiala Gharana of the Hindustani Music. Due to busy schedule of Bade Ghulam Ali, mainly he was trained by Bade Ghulam Khan Three Brother such as Barqat Ali Khan, Mubarak Ali Khan, Amanat Ali Khan in Lahore.

His father given his name as Ghulam because his father is the big fan of Bade Ghulam Ali Khansaab, His father used to listen Khansaab for his childhood When Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khansaab had come to Kabul, Ghulam Ali's father requested the Ustad to take his son as a disciple. But the maestro insisted that since he was hardly in tow, regular training wouldn't be possible. But after repeated requests from Ghulam Ali's father, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khansaab asked the young Ghulam Ali to sing something. It wasn't easy to sing before him. He mastered the courage to sing the Thumri "Saiyyan Bolo Tanik Mose Rahiyo Na Jaye..". After he finished, Ustad hugged him and made him his disciple.


Ghulam Ali is the student of the Bade Ghulam Ali khansaab. He started working from Radio in Lahore in 1960, along with singing ghazals and Bhajans. His compositions are raga based and sometimes include a scientific mixture of ragas. He is known for blending Gharana gaayaki into ghazals and this gives his singing the capabitlity to touch heart, he is also sing Punjabi songs too.

He is also entered in Hindi Cinema with a Hindi Films song Chupke Chupke Raat Din in B.R Chopra film Nikaah in 1982, and his popular ghazals include Hungama Hai Kyon Bapa and Awaargi.

Ali has also sung some beautiful ghazals like Kina kina timro tasveer, Gajalu tee thula thula aankha, Lolaaeka tee thula and Ke chha ra diun in Nepali language with Narayan Gopal, a well known Nepali singer, and composer Deepak Jangam.Those songs were written by King Mahendra of Nepal These songs were compiled in an album entitled Narayan Gopal, Ghulam Ali Ra Ma, and are popular among Nepali music lovers to this day.

One of his memorable concerts was at the Taj Mahal. On being questioned about the future of ghazal singers, he said he enjoyed popular ghazal singer Adithya Srinivasan's ghazals who performed the opening act at his concert in 2012 at Bangalore.



  • Ae husn-ae lala faam
  • Apne Dhun Mai Reheta Hun Mai Bhi Tere Jaisa Hun
  • Apni Tasveer Ko Aankhon Se
  • Arz-e-gham say bhi faida tou nahain (Poet: Raees Warsi)
  • Awaargi
  • Baharon ko Chaman
  • Barsan Lagi Sawan Bundiya Raja
  • Chamakte Chand Ko Tuta Hua Tara Bana Dala
  • Chhup Chhupa Ke Piyo
  • Chupke Chupke Raat Din (Poet: Hasrat Mohani)


  • Narayan Gopal, Ghulam Ali Ra Ma (Nepali Ghazals)
  • Suraag – In Concert
  • With Love
  • Mast Nazren -Ecstatic Glances Live in London, 1984
  • Ghazalain – Live at Islamabad
  • Passions
  • Hungama Live In Concert Vol.1
  • Poems of Love
  • Tere Shahar Mein
  • Saadgee



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